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Reed Diffusers – A Buyer’s Guide

Posted on by Acassa

Room Diffusers – About Diffusers

Reed diffusers are a contemporary way of fragrancing the home, and are a perfect no flame, no fuss alternative to candles. They provide that sought after sense of individuality within your home with the added benefit of their decorative flair. They make the scent of any space special.

How Diffusers Work

It’s all very simple. The reeds are placed in the bottle of fragrance to absorb and transfer the oil through to the ends of the stick, diffusing into the surrounding space gradually and consistently over the following months creating a subtle scent. To achieve a stronger fragrance the reed sticks can be flipped. The longevity of the fragrance oil will depend on factors such as the size of space it is scenting and the number of times the sticks are flipped. (Full instructions are included on the packaging)

Diffuser Benefits

  • Keeps spaces beautifully scented with minimum effort
  • Eliminate everyday odours in the home/work space
  • No soot onto your furniture, walls and ceiling
  • Last longer than flowers and are safer than candles (you don’t need to worry about blowing them out at night!)
  • Fragrance levels can be controlled
  • No power outlet is required
  • Perfect for personal use and gift giving
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • They look great!

In summary, they are a convenient, low-maintenance alternative to standard home fragrancing techniques, keeping spaces beautifully scented with minimum effort.

Abode Aroma Benefits

  • Superior Formulation – Abode Aroma reed diffusers use the maximum level of fragrance oil and the minimum level of carrier possible – there is NO water in the product. The high level of fragrance oil, combined with very low levels of alcohol, will not only ensure outstanding fragrance impact but will give the product great longevity as the speed of evaporation will be retarded.
  • The product has a natural essence base, with no added colour. (Coloured oils usually have high levels of water and alcohol which evaporate quickly so the product won’t last and the scent won’t permeate into the room).
  • Our diffusers, on average, will last up to 6 months! (that’s less than £5 a month to fragrance a space)
  • Contemporary Fragrance Range – allowing the consumer to create a ‘signature’ fragrance in their home.

The packaging is so beautiful it almost requires no gift wrapping.

Notice of Care

  • Place on level surface out of reach of children and animals
  • Do not place on varnished/wooden surfaces
  • Keep away from fire/open flames
  • Do not light sticks
  • Do not apply to skin
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