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What Fragrance Matches my Mood?

Posted on by Acassa

There’s no denying it – there are days when we all wake up and feel in a completely different mood from the last – and it’s exactly the same when we return home from work or a long day out. Some days we will feel top of the world, fresh and ready to go, while others we will feel like we just want to wrap ourselves up and stay inside away from everyone. So on these tired and slow moving days, you of course won’t want to come home to a fragrance that is conflicting with your current mood and startling you like opening the curtains first thing in the morning – but instead one that complements your mood and can even lift it.

As experts in home fragrances here at Acassa, you’re in the right hands, as you can find a scent to match every single mood, so if you’re feeling spritely and like nothing can stop you, you can simply pull out your favourite reed diffuser, whereas if you just want to relax, you can sit back, light some scented candles and allow the worries of your day to simply float away.

So what fragrances should you be looking for to make sure your mood isn’t scuppered by the wrong scent? To get you started, there’s a few different types below:

-    Musk and Spice: Starting with musk and spice as we feel it is the most appropriate for the Autumn/Winter season – these scents evoke feelings of warmth and relaxation, so can be perfect for those Sunday afternoons around the house!
-    Clean and Green: Still quite grounded in the Autumn setting, these scents are designed to infuse you with the fresh feeling of nature, complementing the season but also filling you with life.
-    Florals: For those days where you do feel top of the world and like everything is going right for you, natural floral scents are a great way to keep that mood going!
-    Citrus and Fruit: Moving right into the summer now, you could save these for the warm season or use them when you’re feeling refreshed (or like you need to be!)

Hopefully that has helped! No matter how you’re feeling, there’s a scent to match it right here at Acassa.

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