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5 Benefits of Using Reed Diffusers

Posted on by Acassa

Reed diffusers are becoming an increasingly popular addition to the home, putting candles and incense sticks on the back burner. The aromatic reed diffusers we sell here at Acassa are a modern and natural method of making your home smell gorgeous. But why are they becoming so popular? We believe it’s because reed diffusers are such a beneficial product to have in the home and here are some reasons why:

1. Reed diffusers allow the fragrance to get released into your room and spread around your home at a slow and steady pace, meaning that the smell isn’t overpowering like it sometimes can be with strong candles or incense sticks. Our reed diffusers can last up to eight months.

2. They are much more natural than other scented products as you don’t have to worry about plugging them in or changing the batteries. There is no smoke or messy wax to contend with and they don’t go out like candles would.

3. We all know that aromatherapy oils can help alleviate tension and stress, and the oil in the reed diffusers work in the same way. Imagine coming home to the relaxing oils delicately scenting your home.

4. Our wide range of reed diffusers means you could have a different scent for each room, for example you could have your kitchen smelling of oriental spice while your bathroom smells of Jasmine and your living room is vanilla scented.

5. They require no attention whatsoever, once you have set them up in your chosen room you can just leave them to release their delicate fragrance. Making them a great alternative to candles which you have to light every day, keeping the wicks trimmed so they still burn properly. There is also no fire hazard or safety risk with reed diffusers.

So now you know how much you could benefit from them, be sure to browse our website and see all the different fragrances we have to offer and start planning which scent will go best in each of your rooms!

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