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Figuring out how to decorate a table for Valentine’s Day depends on how you plan to celebrate the day. Whether you are planning a romantic date, a dinner party, a fun evening for you and your family, or you’re spending it by yourself, surround yourself with things you love to put a smile on your face. We’ve put together a few ideas to give you some inspiration.

Dinner Party

Stick with a simple elegant look. Red tablecloths and napkins paired with crystal wine glasses and white dinner wear fit the theme perfectly without going overboard. To add to the ambience put a few red scented candles on the table to complete the festive mood.


Set down a lace doily in the middle of the table, place a dozen red roses in your prettiest crystal vase in the centre and two red candle sticks in the crystal holders on either side. If you want to get really creative set one of your food courses, or a bottle of wine and two glasses on the table and surround it with tea candles in a heart shape, light them and watch the sparks fly.


If you’re spending the evening at home with your family then the trick is to display all of the treats in a fun way. Why not bake a cake in a heart shaped pan and let the children decorate it, or build a centrepiece of sweets for your little valentines. When you’re picking decorations and sweets for children it really is impossible to choose anything cheesy because as long as it’s fun and it makes them smile, it’s great.


If you are single or are spending the day on your own, Valentine’s Day is a day about love and as the old saying goes, ‘you have to love yourself’ still holds true, so make the most of it. The best part is you can pick whatever makes you happy, so why not buy some of your favourite flowers or chocolates and break out a good bottle with a takeaway and enjoy by the candle light. Have yourself a bit of me time.

Here at Acassa If you’re need of some inspiration we have a vast range of scented candles and reed diffusers to send your romantic sparks flying this Valentine’s Day. For more information about the products we offer contact us here.

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Wedding favours are the small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation by the bride and groom Modern couples have come a long way from just handing out sugared almonds to guests, putting a lot of effort into finding meaningful and unique weddings favours to share with their family and friends. Wedding favours can be as much a part of the table decoration and overall look of the reception as the flowers, setting and linen. A little thoughtfulness and creativity can speak volumes. With the New Year in full swing 2013’s brides will be going to great lengths to find unique wedding favours to make their day memorable, so we thought we’d do the work for you.

Fortune Cookies

These can contain your own personal message for your guests and can range in a variety of themes. They make a great ice breaker for your guests at your reception. Be sure to colour co-ordinate the colour with your table setting.

Scented Soaps

Hosting a weekend wedding? Well then why not surprise them with a scented soap for their hotel room. They’re a great way to pamper yourself before and after the celebration, pure luxury!

Flute Charms

These funky charms hook around the stem of your wine glass and are a great way to make your glasses look truly unique. They also stop guests picking up the wrong glass of bubbly. They make a lovely keepsake for your guests to take home, pick individual charms to suit your guest’s personalities.

Flower Seeds

This is a great way to share your wedding memories with your guests by giving them a few bulbs or seeds of your wedding flowers, co-ordinate them with your wedding colours to add impact.

Scented Candles

With an amazing range of scented candles now available there really isn’t a better way to put a twist on a classic favour idea. You could also leave a few lit as part of your table pieces to create a warm inviting atmosphere, choose a scent that represents you a couple.

Here at Acassa we have a wonderful range of scented candles, soaps and home fragrances to make your wedding day truly unique. If you would like more information about our products then contact us here.

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Once again it’s that time of year again when we’ve got the decorations up, it’s time to find the perfect gifts for our friends and loved ones and beautifully wrap them ready to go under the tree for the big day, Christmas Day.

As well as this we’ve all got Christmas parties and drinks to attend, family gatherings and office Christmas parties. Christmas can be a very stressful time of year for many people. Among all the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas we often to forget to take to time to stop unwind and relax ready to see the New Year in.

Snuggle Up

After all the preparation for the party season it’s time to take some chill out time. Why not sit in front of the warm fire grab a lovely warm drink, your slippers and a nice blanket to snuggle down and relax to a Christmas film.

Take a Bath

When it’s dark and gloomy outside, lock yourself away from the rest of the world with a long, well-earned, hot bubble bath. Put some soft towels by the bath so it’s warm and welcoming when you get out of the bath, use scented candles and soaps to create an oasis of calm and tranquillity away from the stresses of the outside world, whilst at the same time creating an ambient look.

Countryside Walk

Once you’ve hidden away from the world it’s time to embrace the crisp weather. Grab your wellies and woollies and go for a stroll in the countryside. There is nothing better for releasing stress than taking a brisk walk. Gentle exercise will boost your energy and can trigger happy endorphins.

Spread the Joy

Finally play some enjoyable music through the home to get you back in the festive spirit. Playing a few Christmas classics can inject some well needed festive fun into your home and lift the household’s mood.

Here at Acassa we have the scent for every occasion and mood. Whether you want cheerful vibrant scents or calm relaxing scents we have something for you. For more information about our products call us today on: 01829 733 650 or contact us here.

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The Christmas holidays are here, which means everyone’s getting ready for the festive parties, family gatherings and snuggling up in the winter evenings in front of the fire with a hot chocolate. Make your home look festive and special this year and try some of these ideas to create a wonderful Christmas ambience:


Part of the fun of Christmas is enjoying the decorations. Christmas decorations such as the tree, wreaths, mistletoe and garlands set the mood for Christmas and get everyone in the holiday spirit. Incorporate different decorations and colours in different rooms, for the dinner table try a festive centre piece with a scented candle in it, add garlands and mistletoe to your hallway to give your guests a festive feeling the moment they walk through the door. Add flowers and festive plants around the home.


Do you remember that feeling you had when you were younger when you saw your house lit up with Christmas lights and decorations? Share that feeling with others by decorating the outside of your home with festive lights.

Display Gifts & Cards

Give small gifts to those who mean the most in your life. This is a sure way to spread the cheer and make you and others feel good. Display your presents and cards in the home to add that extra touch of Christmas. Put them under the tree or on the windowsill ready to give them out to your loved ones on Christmas day, it will give you a sense of warmth and spirit every time you walk through your front door and see them.


Christmas is all about scents, the scent of Christmas puts everyone in a good mood. Incorporate warm, spicy festive scents into your home. Scents like cinnamon, orange, nutmeg and spices all add to the whole Christmas spirit and smell particularly amazing at this time of year.

Here at Acassa we have a vast range of home fragrances to give your home some Christmas cheer. So add the finishing touch to your home and take a look at our vast selection of scents. For more information call us on: 01829 733 650 alternatively contact us here.


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Scent is a wonderful thing, it has the ability to make us feel energised and brighten our day. Scents are around us every day whether it’s your perfume, your shower gel, your car air freshener or the smell of the great outdoors. Scents can trigger and determine moods, feelings and overall wellbeing so it’s time you start surrounding yourself with the right fragrances. We’ve put together how scents affect your everyday life:


Lavender is the ultimate mood shaker, it can take you from agitated to relaxed in one smell. Lavender evokes feelings of calm and tranquillity, which can reduce your heart rate and lower blood pressure. So it’s an ideal scent if you struggle with sleeping or have difficulty relaxing, if you’ve had a stressful day light up the scented candles, sit back and relax.


Citrus scents awaken your senses and heighten your energy levels. If you’re not one of those people who have trouble sleeping and struggle to get out of bed in the morning spray a bit of citrus scented spray around your bedroom and bathroom to wake you up and uplift your senses so you can start your day the right way.


If you’re trying to curb a sweet tooth then never fear, often food cravings can be appeased simply by smell rather than taste. Scents like vanilla or caramel are perfect, these resemble the smells of some of our favourite foods bringing back happy, homely, childhood memories, so you can indulge without taking a single bite.


When you hear the word ‘rose’ or flower you automatically associate it with love and romance, and the scent can do just the same. Floral scents are intensely sweet which can provide a variety of benefits, from soothing headaches, easing tension and can even be an aphrodisiac.


Helps with exhaustion and fatigue can actually help calm the nerves and make you more alert and aware. Not only is this Southeast Asian spice a stimulant but it’s also an aphrodisiac.

Here at Acassa we understand there is a scent for every occasion, and offer a vast range of scents and products from scented candles, sprays and reed diffusers we have everything you need to brighten your home and. For more information on our vast range of scents give us a call on 01829 733 650 or contact us here.

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Your home is your little place of tranquillity, shut out from the rest of the world, somewhere which is just yours for you to sit back and relax, but do you ever sit back to relax and think your house smells less than pleasant? Day to day life, pets and home cooking all contribute to those nasty odours, so we’ve put together a list of different scents to enhance your home and make it comforting and welcoming once again.


The kitchen is the place in the home that produces the most smells. Home cooking can often leave the room smelling of the previous night’s dinner. Citrus and fruity smells, such as oranges, lemons and grapefruit work really well in the kitchen, they are fresh and zingy which is great for getting rid of cooking and rubbish bin smells.


Your bathroom needs to smell fresh and clean, outdoorsy scents work best, try fragrances like sea mist, rainforests and pine cones. Why not get some beautiful scented candles, not only will they keep your bathroom smelling fresh they’ll also give you a cosy light and fantastic fragrance whilst you have a relaxing bath. By placing reed diffusers in your bathroom you’ll also keep those nasty toilet smells at bay.

Living room

Your living rooms needs to smell welcoming and relaxing and as the winter nights draw in, scents that are musky and spicy like cinnamon or rich and sweet like vanilla are great for creating a cosy winter night ambience.


Your bedroom is the room you relax and rest in, so lavender and linen aromas work well; they relax your muscles and reduce your heart rate which prepares you for a good night’s sleep. If you don’t like lavender scents try floral scents, as they give off that classic home fragrance, choose your favourite flowers scent for your bedroom. Fruit and flower aromas give an air of romance and nurture; use scented candles for lighting to create a romantic atmosphere.

Here at Acassa we know that having the right scents in your home will create moods and memories, that’s why we offer a vast range of different fragrances to suit each and everyone’s home, from scented candles to aromatic soaps and reed diffusers; we have everything you need to turn your house into a home. For more information contact us on: 01829 733 650 or fill out our online contact form here.


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There’s no denying it – there are days when we all wake up and feel in a completely different mood from the last – and it’s exactly the same when we return home from work or a long day out. Some days we will feel top of the world, fresh and ready to go, while others we will feel like we just want to wrap ourselves up and stay inside away from everyone. So on these tired and slow moving days, you of course won’t want to come home to a fragrance that is conflicting with your current mood and startling you like opening the curtains first thing in the morning – but instead one that complements your mood and can even lift it.

As experts in home fragrances here at Acassa, you’re in the right hands, as you can find a scent to match every single mood, so if you’re feeling spritely and like nothing can stop you, you can simply pull out your favourite reed diffuser, whereas if you just want to relax, you can sit back, light some scented candles and allow the worries of your day to simply float away.

So what fragrances should you be looking for to make sure your mood isn’t scuppered by the wrong scent? To get you started, there’s a few different types below:

-    Musk and Spice: Starting with musk and spice as we feel it is the most appropriate for the Autumn/Winter season – these scents evoke feelings of warmth and relaxation, so can be perfect for those Sunday afternoons around the house!
-    Clean and Green: Still quite grounded in the Autumn setting, these scents are designed to infuse you with the fresh feeling of nature, complementing the season but also filling you with life.
-    Florals: For those days where you do feel top of the world and like everything is going right for you, natural floral scents are a great way to keep that mood going!
-    Citrus and Fruit: Moving right into the summer now, you could save these for the warm season or use them when you’re feeling refreshed (or like you need to be!)

Hopefully that has helped! No matter how you’re feeling, there’s a scent to match it right here at Acassa.

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Here at Acassa we are firm believers in the power of scented candles for creating beautiful environments where you can spend time with your loved ones and relax in. We are passionate about and committed to showing our customers the pleasure that can be enjoyed from these fantastic products, but what many of them are surprised by is just how environmentally friendly scented candles are. Read on as we detail how, with our Paddywax products, you can help to create a better world as well as a better home.

100% Recycled Packaging

One of the biggest green efforts made in this country over the last ten years has been the push to recycle more and more. The Paddywax scented candles we supply all come in 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, but that’s not all. All of the paper they use is both FSC and FSI approved which has been sourced from sustainable forests. Protecting the forests is something Paddywax take very seriously, and they have planted over 2,700 trees to date to ensure they are replenishing what they are using!

Carbon Neutral

Somewhat of an eco-buzz word, carbon neutrality is nevertheless an essential element of choosing who we work with at Acassa. Thanks to their commitment to using recycled paper and replanting trees, Paddywax are proud members of the Versus Carbon Neutral Partnership

GM-Free and Totally Natural

There are a whole host of imaginative Paddywax fragrances to choose from here at Acassa, and all of them are created using natural fragrance oils. Not only that, but they have perfected a proprietary blend that can deliver a clean, optimum burn that avoids the smoke and ashes that can occur with regular candles.

So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly way of making your home smell great while doing your bit for the environment, make us your first port-of-call. If you’d like to find out more about Paddywax, or any of the other products we can provide, get in touch with our team on 01829 733 650, alternatively you can complete our online contact form.

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Reed diffusers are becoming an increasingly popular addition to the home, putting candles and incense sticks on the back burner. The aromatic reed diffusers we sell here at Acassa are a modern and natural method of making your home smell gorgeous. But why are they becoming so popular? We believe it’s because reed diffusers are such a beneficial product to have in the home and here are some reasons why:

1. Reed diffusers allow the fragrance to get released into your room and spread around your home at a slow and steady pace, meaning that the smell isn’t overpowering like it sometimes can be with strong candles or incense sticks. Our reed diffusers can last up to eight months.

2. They are much more natural than other scented products as you don’t have to worry about plugging them in or changing the batteries. There is no smoke or messy wax to contend with and they don’t go out like candles would.

3. We all know that aromatherapy oils can help alleviate tension and stress, and the oil in the reed diffusers work in the same way. Imagine coming home to the relaxing oils delicately scenting your home.

4. Our wide range of reed diffusers means you could have a different scent for each room, for example you could have your kitchen smelling of oriental spice while your bathroom smells of Jasmine and your living room is vanilla scented.

5. They require no attention whatsoever, once you have set them up in your chosen room you can just leave them to release their delicate fragrance. Making them a great alternative to candles which you have to light every day, keeping the wicks trimmed so they still burn properly. There is also no fire hazard or safety risk with reed diffusers.

So now you know how much you could benefit from them, be sure to browse our website and see all the different fragrances we have to offer and start planning which scent will go best in each of your rooms!

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More and more people are working ever longer days, staying late into the night to complete work, desperately doing all they can to get that mountain of paperwork down. It’s an all too familiar situation, which is why many literally flop onto the bed when they arrive home in a heap of tiredness. If you’re on the brink of collapsing in exhaustion it’s vital you take some time out to relax and unwind when you finish work, and what better way than with scented candles from here at Acassa. You’ll be amazed by the selection we have here, as you’re sure to find something that will not only send you on a journey of truly tranquillity, but will also slot seamlessly into the design of your home.

The collection we have here at Acassa has been carefully selected for their quality. Abode Aroma and Paddywax are two leading brands in the scented candle market, and we have them here!

Why are they so good? They have been made with the highest quality Soy Wax and lead free wicks, which not only means that they will provide a clean burn throughout their life, but will be incredibly long lasting; giving you a relaxation method for many months to come!

There’s no better feeling than sitting back and unwinding in your home, putting your feet up, listening to your favourite music, just relaxing and letting all of life’s worries float away; just something you can enjoy by investing in our quality scented candles.

Everyone has different tastes; you might not like the new wallpaper your next door neighbour has just put up, whilst they think it’s the best thing since sliced bread! It is for this reason that we’ve made sure we have enough choice in our collection for everyone, whether you like the soothing scent of Sweet Pea or the fresh fragrance of fig, you are sure to find something you like here.

Browse our website to see for yourself the full range of scented candles we have available to start your relaxation today!

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