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Acassa Home Fragrances

At Acassa, we understand the power of home fragrances and the positive impact they can have on our everyday lives. We would like to share with you our enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for the fascinating power of abode fragrances and make you aware of the influences these can have on how we feel, how we behave and how comfortable we are in our surroundings, either at home or work.

Our team, at Acassa have worked within 'The World of Home Fragrance' for over 20 years now and are experts in understanding the 'psychology of smell'. They will take you on a voyage of great discovery into the world of home fragrances and illustrate how accessorising your home with quality fragranced candles, reed diffusers and aromatic soaps, can really add that finishing touch, turning your house into a home.

We have spent several years researching and working with different fragrance houses and aromatic brands and are now using this knowledge and expertise to select a range of products that we know will perform effectively and enhance everyday living spaces.

Our key brands are Abode Aroma® and Paddywax. These are currently two of the best available on the market, due to their exceptional quality, stunning packaging designs and exquisite fragrances. These international brands are also eco-sensitive and have a rich heritage, a proven track record in performance and are well known within this industry.

Abode Aroma® is a distinguished global brand in producing beautiful perfumed products with outstanding quality, presentation, aromatic smells and longevity. The scents are internationally sourced and extracted from a range of essential and natural bases. Using high quality ingredients Abode Aroma® fragrance diffusers are long lasting, inspiring and are profoundly effective.

Paddywax have become a leading 'eco' boutique candle brand and a firm favourite with home fragrance connoisseurs and fashionistas alike. The company has a strong commitment to the artisan process and is a premier eco-sensitive option, offering a winning combination of environmentally responsible appeal with superior quality and innovative designs. The scented candles are perfect if you are looking for a combination of designer style and an environmentally friendly approach.

Why not treat yourself, or a friend, to one of our fabulous aromatic reed diffusers or a gift from our beautiful Paddywax range and be transported to a faraway place. You will automatically transform your environment, creating an oasis of calm, free from the stresses of the outside world!

We are continually inspired by innovative products so come back and see us soon to discover the new items we can offer you or contact us today for further help and advice.